OncoBox Research

OncoBox Research

In Germany, a fundamental structural change in the care of people with cancer has taken place over the last ten years. Today, a large proportion of these patients are treated in the organ cancer and oncology centres certified by the DKG. This is done on the basis of recommendations of high-quality S3 guidelines that were developed in the German Guideline Program in Oncology. The data from these centres are published in annual reports to present the quality of treatment. By merging these data with those from the clinical cancer registries, there is enormous research potential, not only for classical health services research, but also for projects that allow interventions in structured health services. Furthermore, they allow analyses of so-called real world data with considerable scope. This potential can be used by establishing a database, the so-called OncoBox Research (OBR). With the OBR, data sets can be made available for research questions that combine data from the certification system with those from clinical cancer registration.

Involved Institutions
German Cancer Society (DKG)

since January 2019

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PD Dr. Christoph Kowalski