Oncological Care of People with Intellectual Developmental Disorders

Oncological Care of People with Intellectual Developmental Disorders

To date, information about the care situation for people with intellectual developmental disorders and cancer in Germany is scarce. Data from international research suggest that while cancer rates for people with intellectual developmental disorders are comparable to those of the general public without such disabilities, there are relevant shortcomings in oncological care for this vulnerable group. It can be assumed that the German healthcare system is equally ill-equipped to cater to the specific needs of cancer patients with intellectual developmental disorders, as it has been described for other countries in Europe and beyond.

First, a paper providing an overview about the oncological care situation of people with intellectual developmental disorders has been published (see publications). Then, brochures for people with intellectual disabilities have been developed in easy language (“Leichte Sprache”) in order to provide information about oncological screening examinations and oncological treatment options in language appropriate to the target group. The brochures have been developed on the basis of existing French brochures of the Oncodéfi Association and will be disseminated in places accessible to the target group, e.g. Lebenshilfe meeting points. The brochures can be ordered free of charge via the following link: https://www.krebsinformationen-leichte-sprache.de/

Involved Institutions
German Cancer Society (DKG)
Lebenshilfe e. V.
Oncodéfi Association
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizin für Menschen mit geistiger oder mehrfacher Behinderung (DGMGB) e. V.
Ärztekammer Nordrhein
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Arbeit in der Onkologie der DKG e. V (ASO)

Stiftung Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (for designing and disseminating the brochures)

January 2022 – unlimited
January 2022 – June 2022 for designing and disseminating the brochures

find the brochures here
see publications

Christoph Kowalski