Certification Comissions

Certification Comissions

The Catalogues of Requirements for each tumour entity are drawn up by the members of the Certification Commissions.

Each Certification Commission includes 30-40 representatives designated from scientific societies, professional associations, working groups and self-help groups. They thus integrate the expertise of the medical and non-medical specialties involved in the care of cancer patients.

The designated members of each tumour-specific Certification Commission can be found under www.zertkomm.de.

The Certification Commission convene biennially to discuss the results of the certified centres and to ensure timely updates of the Catalogues of Requirements.

The ECC Certification Commisson are based on the already tumour-specific Certification Commissions of the German Cancer Society (DKG) and are complemented by national cancer institutes, ministries, country representatives and oncolgoy institutions that are part of the ECC System.

The ECC Certification Commission meets annually and aims at brining together representatives of different member states to integrate country-specific experiences and characteristics into the ECC Certification Programme and to develop a joint agreement on the structure, tasks and working methods of the ECC Certification Commission in order to:

  • ensure and establish unified structures, standards and processes for tumour-specific oncological care throughout Europe
  • build-up a pan-European database to make quality of cancer care measurable, transparent and comparable on a European scale
  • reduce differences and improve quality of cancer care in the European region by giving all patients at all stages of the disease access to a high-quality care that covers all components of the cancer continuum from early detection and diagnosis to treatment and care, survivorship and palliative care.