The aim of this EU-wide project is to sustainably optimize cancer prevention – especially access to and the implementation of screening programs. Subsection 6.5, led by the DKG, is concerned with improving cancer screening programs for people with intellectual disabilities. They are far more likely to receive a diagnosis at a late stage compared to people without disabilities. Reasons for this can include communication difficulties, various barriers to healthcare and not taking advantage of screening services. It is therefore necessary to establish a cancer prevention program geared towards the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the project is to generate best practice recommendations through research and qualitative interviews in order to develop cancer prevention programs tailored to people with disabilities.

Involved Institutions
German Cancer Society (DKG)
Cancer Registry of Norway
Centrum voor KankerOpsporing (CvKO), Belgien
Screening Service Ireland
and other

European Commission (EU4Health Programme)

April 2024 – March 2027

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PD Dr. rer. medic. Christoph Kowalski
Dr. rer. medic. Clara Breidenbach