The care of patients with colorectal cancer differs considerably depending on the hospital. In the EDIUM-study („Outcome Quality in Colorectal Cancer: Identification of Differences and Measures for Nationwide Quality Development“), patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and clinical endpoints are measured and compared between the different centres. EDIUM is a follow-up project to the PCO-study on prostate cancer (see entry on this page).

This study aims at formulating statements on the quality of care in Certified Colorectal Cancer Centres considering the patient’s perspective and, where appropriate, at identifying any existing differences between hospitals. The results are intended to derive quality improvement measures in certified centres.

The project phase funded by the Innovation Committee of the Federal Joint Committee was successfully completed with more than 100 centres. More than 80 centres are now continuing the study by self-financing.

EDIUM data is also available in the OMOP data standard since February 2024. If you are interested in a federated data analysis, please contact Dr. Nora Tabea Sibert.

Involved Institutions
German Cancer Society (DKG)
Deutsche ILCO e. V.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Darmkrebszentren e. V. (addz)

Innovation Committee of The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) (until December 2021)
Since January 2022: Self-financing by study centres

July 2018 – December 2021
Since January 2022: unlimited

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Dr. rer. medic. Clara Breidenbach
Dr. med. Nora Tabea Sibert
PD Dr. rer. medic. Christoph Kowalski