05/23: Kick-off-meeting of CCI4EU in Milano

05/23: Kick-off-meeting of CCI4EU in Milano

Kick-off-meeting of CCI4EU in Milano

On 23 Mai 2023 the new EU project „Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructure for the European Union“ (CCI4EU) had it´s kick-off meeting in Milano.

55 partners from 27 EU Member States and 5 Associated Countries particpated in the kick-off meeting of the Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures (CCIs). Coordinated by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), this capacity building (CB) programme is a complex intervention that requires multiple and integrated actions delivered to the right stakeholders – policymakers, researchers, health professionals, patients, caregivers and private companies.

The project aims at

  • Defining a Maturity Model based on cancer research/care performance indicators to be used to analyse the maturity of CCIs across the EU
  • Mapping the maturity of CCIs according to the agreed quality indicators and clustering them according to maturity
  • Designing tailored capacity building interventions, giving priority to EU countries without any CCI
  • Delivering online training courses open to all EU Member States and associated countries
  • Implementing targeted onsite interventions
  • Scaling up and sustaining development by dynamically engaging the right stakeholders; disseminating and exploiting project outcomes.

The German Cancer Society takes the lead of Work Package 2 „Definition of criteria for Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures (CCIs) using a CCI maturity model (CCI-MM)“. The aim of Work Package 2 is to develop, in collaboration with other stakeholders and partners, a joint understanding, definition and scope of CCIs along with a set of criteria to assess and improve CCIs in all member states. The defined quality criteria will be embedded in a maturity model which will be the contextual backdrop to assess CCI maturity and to develop tailored interventions to increase the individual CCIs maturity level.