10/23 CSA CCI4EU 2nd WP2 Meeting

10/23 CSA CCI4EU 2nd WP2 Meeting

CSA CCI4EU 2nd WP2 Meeting

On 16 October the second WP2 „Definition of criteria for Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures (CCIs) using a CCI maturity model (CCI-MM)“ meeting took place as an online meeting. 61 participants from 31 partner organisations were attending.

During the meeting the first preliminary results from the defined set of criteria’s for the Maturity Model were presented, discussed and agreed as well as the preparations for the following activities were started. Maturity Models are used as tools to assess the current situation of the subject under study (here CCIs) and improve this situation by indicating a path for maturation. After defining the final set of criterias and the number of maturity levels, they will be integrated into the CCI maturity model. This model will be developed as a CCI maturity web tool that facilitates online data collection and self-assessment. It will be elaborated as a living model.

We are looking very much forward to continue the great collaboration within WP2.

The next WP2 meeting will take on 15-16 February 2024 in Berlin.